Help us make the GSA more accessible and connected to the community through vision, dialogue and action

We are running for office because the Graduate Student Association needs an executive board that understands and is in touch with the challenging political and economic situations that will impact all of us, locally at UB and the SUNY system. We see the role of the GSA as threefold: first, as a source of essential funding and support for graduate students; second, as an advocate in a rapidly changing environment; and thirdly as a link between graduate students across disciplines and departments.

We have the skills, experience, and knowledge to stand for graduate student interests in every arena in which we are called to serve. Both of us have done work as leaders in our communities. At Antioch College, Olivier served as Community Manager overseeing a $500,000 dollar budget, and negotiating relationships between faculty, students, staff, and administration. Cayden has earned honors for his work leading his peers in social justice activities, including as a dialogue facilitator and as a public voice for the rights of minority students at the University of Michigan.


Grad student working groups aim to increase dialogue around political, social, and academic topics. We will start with the following groups to address topics that have been brought to us as being of special concern:

o Race & Racism: addressing race and racism on campus and in the community.
o Gender Justice: working towards a truly gender-inclusive community.
o International Student Forum: to coordinate and identify issues and resources for international graduate students.
o Legislative & Administrative Affairs: specializing in legislative policy and forging a strong relationship with the administration.
o SUNY Outreach: helping UB students branch out and work with our colleagues across the SUNY system.
o Public-Public Partnerships & Community Outreach: building a stronger relationship with the broader Buffalo community by finding intersecting interests and values.

We want to encourage involvement in GSA’s existing structures, and innovate new ones.


As graduate students we are spread out across three campuses.  This makes it imperative that the GSA become more accessible by a relatively simple and affordable move to transition paperwork to online forms.  Saving on travel time and paper while opening access to funding opportunities and building awareness of the GSA has to offer.

In addition to streamlining routine procedures creating up-to-date information of individual GSA clubs and the overall GSA — including the budget — can create an openness to process that allows graduate to be more fully aware of what is happening, what is possible, and generate thinking about can be improved.

We have already begun working towards these goals by including a feedback mechanism on this site.  Please click on the “Your Feedback”  tab to share information and ideas about what would make the GSA more supportive.


It’s great to have coffee and donuts or a beer and some pizza with other graduate students. In addition, we can engage with each other by holding more, and considerably different, events that are free or very inexpensive for the GSA to sponsor.
o Bike trips.
o Powerpoint battles.
o Knitting hour.
o Trans-disciplinary debate series.
o Online rideboard.
o Dance parties.
o Soccer games.
o Chess tournaments. (read less)