Dear colleagues, allies, and friends: There are two days left of polling: Thursday and Friday from 9a-4p in the Student Union Lobby. It’s absolutely essential that you vote and reach out to every grad student you know to encourage them to do the same. Our efforts mean nothing without your act of confidence and engagement.

In light of the complete failure of the e-mail system to get updated election information out to all graduate students, we’ve made a serious effort to spread the word. We’ve spent numerous hours and walked dozens of miles in the corridors of all three campuses because we believe this process is crucial to transparency and fairness.

During our campaigning, we’ve been inspired by graduate students, but deeply disappointed by the existing structures that have presented so many hurdles for us. It’s clear that we represent a very different vision of what GSA could be. There are immediate issues that require attention from the new e-board. The postponement of polling and the continued failure to inform all the grad students of the change, has made it clear to us that the system, as it stands, does not work. Yet there are simple and realistic solutions that we will tackle next year as part of our commitment to transparent, equitable, participatory government.

Your vote in this election does count: in an electoral process with traditionally low turnout, a single vote can make all the difference. We believe change is possible, but we need your help, starting with your vote today and Friday!


Olivier Delrieu-Schulze, Presidential Candidate
Cayden Mak, Vice-Presidential Candidate