In the interest of transparency, we have decided to post our entire campaign expenditures up to this point here for all to see.

$44.18: brochure printing, Great Lakes Graphics & Printing
$9.51: quarter-sheet flyers, Great Lakes Graphics & Printing
$50.00: poster printing, Western New York Book Arts Collaborative
$3.47: tape, Wegman’s
$19.83: election date change flyers, Great Lakes Graphics & Printing

Total: $126.99

We had the option to spend $400 on our campaign but felt strongly that not just promising but demonstrating our sincerity in being frugal and innovative is important. We feel that the funds we saved are of much better use for the larger GSA: conference funding, publications, and non-profit outreach grants.  We saved money by working with the local organization WNYBAC to print our letterpress posters and built a connection between UB and an amazing local center for art and culture.  We believe that we can save money by being creative and collaborating with other non-profit organizations.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in 112 Norton for the second debate Monday night. SATV will also be posting the video on their YouTube channel for those who couldn’t be there in person!