It’s been a grueling couple of campaign weeks, and we’re finally down to the last week. Tomorrow at the normally scheduled GSA Senate meeting, there will be a candidate debate. We’ll be there to talk about policy and discuss ideas for the future, as well as make some special announcements! Please join us. The meeting is at 7 PM in 330 Student Union — though earlier arrival is encouraged. We want to play to a standing room only crowd!

Also, we’re coming to a department near you! The following are scheduled department visits for the next week:

  • April 6, 2:15 PM: Urban Planning. Planning Lounge in Hayes Hall.
  • April 7, 1:30 PM: Classics. Porter 348.
  • April 8, 3 PM: Chemical and Biological Engineering. Furnas 203.
  • April 8, 5 PM: Roswell Park Units. Roswell Park, Hohn Lecture Hall.
  • April 9, 3 PM: Microbiology. BRB 101.
  • April 9, 4 PM: Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering. Meet at Jarvis 204.
  • April 13, 3 PM: Biochem. BRB.
  • April 13, 7 PM: Counseling, School & Education Psychology. Baldy 421.

Don’t see your department/unit? Drop us a line — we’d be happy to meet you, or come to one of our scheduled visits. We’ve got something on every campus!