Dear supporters and friends,

First, I’d like to take this post-election opportunity to thank everyone for their ongoing support, whether it’s been knocking on office doors, talking to your classmates and colleagues, or letting me bounce ideas off you. You’ve been a great help to both Olivier and myself, and it’s been an incredible journey from having an idea at the beginning of my first year here to the current moment, when I feel like I can say that we have built a base of supporters who really believe in what we have to say. More than that, it’s bee so thrilling to see people taking a positive approach to the apparatus of governance that has, for so long, been neglected and left to its own devices.

I would also like to congratulate Grace Mukupa on her successful run for the office of vice president. While it’s unfortunate that Olivier and I won’t have the opportunity to serve as executives together, I believe that Ms. Mukupa is a strong candidate and will execute her duties well. Having gotten acquainted over the course of the election, I can say confidently that she is an excellent choice for vice president.

By no means does this loss signal any kind of departure from political life. I’m excited that the resolution of this election signals the beginning of a new moment for the Graduate Student Association. We have seen a higher level of involvement in student government from the graduate student body, both in qualitative and quantitative measures. We have successfully elected a president who stands for civic engagement and empowerment. I believe that we will come out of the recent trials and tribulations much stronger. I look forward to working together for a better future for our organization, for UB, and for SUNY.


Cayden Mak